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We believe we can make a difference.


We want homeowners to be savvy when doing their homework in their search for a renovation contractor, and in turn, create a higher demand for CaseTrust accredited businesses.


We want to the consumer demand to drive better practices and eventually accreditation among even more renovation business owners.


Raise Profile, ID Standards with The Interior Portal Partnership

Every year, thousands of consumers bring renovation contractor complaints to CaseTrust. If more of the public knows about CaseTrust-RMCA accreditation, many of these incidents would either be prevented or peaceably resolved.

The Interior Portal is not only a home and décor magazine platform. It is also a social initiative meant to promote ethical business practices, educate consumers about accreditation and raise the standards of the home renovation industry across the board.


Home & Décor Content with a WatchDog Angle

  • The platform not only features attractive content for an audience looking for home renovation services, such as consumer advisories, consumer reviews, community stories, public service announcements, self-help videos and other home and décor lifestyle content.
  • We want you, the homeowner to have a voice here. If you have a not-so-great experience with your contractor, we want to hear and share your story to the world; to highlight the pitfalls of bad business practices.
  • Publications will be fact checked but posted anonymously at the discretion of The Interior Portal.
  • We are a handy guide and information repository for the savvy homeowner looking to avoid getting scammed.
  • Every reader who reads, shares, or contributes to us becomes an additional pair of hands and eyes for our cause.

Only CaseTrust Accredited Firms Allowed

  • Only CaseTrust accredited firms are featured on The Interior Portal.
  • Additionally, these companies will also have to pass our own stringent criteria based on qualifying factors such as minimum years of experience, minimum paid up capital and our own assessment of their desire to improve the industry’s reputation.
  • As more accredited companies cluster on the platform, The Interior Portal will also become known for its community watchdog service and its stable of trustworthy designers.
  • Join us today. Read. Browse. Tell your friends about it. Share your experience with us.
  • And more importantly, let us help you find a trusted interior designer for your home right here.

Our Promise

  1. CaseTrust Accreditation

    We only feature CaseTrust accredited firms.

  2. Stringent Internal Standards

    Minimum paid up capital, business best practices, and our own assessment of their desire to improve the ID industry’s reputation.

  3. More Than 10 Years Experience

    All our interior design firms have more than 10 years of experience.

  4. Clear Contracts & Fee Policies

    Standardised written contracts and clearly outlined fee policies.

  5. Deposits Insured

    CaseTrust-RCMA accredited Interior Design firms give you 100% deposit money-back guarantee.

  6. Excellent Customer Service

    We care for your home renovation; and we are committed to your needs.